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J-17 Well 664.6 msl (+0.4)
Guadalupe @ Spring Branch 88 cfs (+11)
Canyon Reservoir 905.13 msl (-0.01)
Guadalupe @ Sattler 84 cfs (+0)
Comal Springs 299 cfs (+0)
San Marcos Springs 180 cfs (+4)
Guadalupe @ Gonzales 648 cfs (+27)
Guadalupe @ Victoria 971 cfs (+185)
Coleto Reservoir 96.81 msl (+0.17)
Guadalupe @ Tivoli 1460 cfs (+110)
(+/-0.00) - indicates change in 24 hours.
Sources of Flow at Victoria
Canyon Release 8.67%
Comal Springs 30.79%
San Marcos Springs 18.54%
Natural Base Flow 42.00%
Percentages reflect sources. Losses and diversions not included.
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Preservation Matters

The Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust was founded in 2001 to conserve land in the Guadalupe River Watershed.

San Antonio Bay Foundation

Founded in 2008 to protect and preserve the Bay and Estuary at the end of the Guadalupe River Basin.

Canyon Lake Gorge

Within days following the Flood of 2002, the floodwaters carved a gorge into the landscape below the Canyon Lake Spillway.

Guadalupe River Foundation

Formed to establish a system for funding construction, operation and maintenance of environmental learning centers and programs.

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